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Do You Want To Go Fast Or Far? Featuring Sani Abdul-Jabbar



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As CEO of VezTek USA, Sani Abdul-Jabbar is an expert in technologies like AI and blockchain. He actively collaborates with industry giants such as Toyota and IBM and is a contributor to Forbes magazine. Beyond corporate collaborations, he has been invited to share his knowledge at esteemed institutions like Caltech and is the host of the Blockchain Brief Podcast. 


As a leader in the ever-evolving and demanding technology field, Sani is here to shed light on how cultivating a culture of balance within his company has enhanced his team’s well-being and contributed to increased productivity and creativity. Join us for a great conversation on the importance of downtime, defining personal and professional goals, and aligning with your priorities. We’ll also get a sneak peek into his new book, Makers: A Slender Knowledge, where Sani explores the importance of instilling values into AI systems.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


1:18 – Sani’s journey to the U.S. in 1998 and the evolution of his tech company, VezTek

9:02 – Introducing a hub and spoke model to address the challenges of frequent pivoting in an emerging tech company

14:32 – How a balanced workforce leads to increased productivity and success

21:22 – The misconception that loving work eliminates the need for balance + the practical benefits of taking time off

27:15 – The importance of defining clear values as a business owner + Sani’s book, Makers





Sani's book Makers: A Slender Knowledge



 Sani on Linkedin



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