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  • Travis Parry

Embracing an Abundance Mentality with Matt Di Francesco




More About This Episode:

Today’s guest is Matt Di Francesco, CExP, CAA, the founder of High Lift Financial. High Lift provides succession planning, financial planning, investment advisory and retirement planning to Automotive Collision shop owners around the country. Matt is specialized in helping business owners make a successful exit from their businesses, maintain family unity, and build multi-generational wealth.

Join us as Matt reflects on the evolution of his career and takes us back to a time when he was immersed in the financial services industry, pushing himself to the limit. Knowing that something needed to change, Matt decided to design a practice where he could enjoy what he does, maintain flexibility, and work from anywhere in the world.

Throughout our conversation, Matt highlights the significant advantages of having a niche in your business. He also talks about having a well-defined vision for both your business and personal life, breaking free from fear, and learning how to nurture your own abundance mentality. Tune in for a great conversation with Matt and take your first steps toward creating a more balanced future!

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:37 – The journey that led Matt to High Life Financial

  • 4:27 – Adopting a daily game plan to avoid getting lost in the grind culture

  • 9:19 – The power of having a niche + narrowing your business focus

  • 13:48 – Gaining referrals through a niche network + fostering an abundance mentality

  • 21:04 – Battling the fear of failure + the fear of success as a business owner

  • 29:14 – Having a clear vision for your life and business


Learn more about Matt:

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