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Energy and Priority Management with Brie Schmidt




More About This Episode:

Welcome back to the Balanced Growth Show! Today we are excited to be joined by Brie Schmidt. Brie is the managing broker of Second City Real Estate, a full-service brokerage working with investors in the Chicago market. She is also the owner of BBS Apartments and the co-founder of the MidWest Real Estate Networking Summit, a weekend education summit for real estate investors.

Brie started out in real estate at age 21, but she transitioned into the world of advertising sales and stayed in that field for almost a decade. The sudden loss of her father triggered a desire for change for Brie, however, and she decided to tackle real estate investing to find a more flexible, balanced lifestyle.

In this episode, Brie talks us through the journey that led her to find more flexibility in her career through time and energy management. She discusses outsourcing, learning to optimize your time, setting healthy boundaries in your industry, and much more. Don’t miss out on this impactful conversation packed with practical advice, as Brie empowers your to take control of your future!

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:29 – What led Brie to real estate investing

  • 6:46 – Brie’s struggle with balance and her decision to make changes

  • 8:50 – How Brie learned how to outsource and optimize her time

  • 12:58 – The importance of energy management

  • 18:57 – The impact of the word “no” + finding your ideal client

  • 24:37 – Brie’s advice for other entrepreneurs


Learn more about Brie:


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