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Ep 10: Financial Wellness and Literacy with George Grombacher

Do you spend a lot of time educating your clients about different financial matters? On today’s show, George Grombacher, an instructor from Money Alignment Academy joins us. He is going to discuss the importance of education, time boundaries, and financial wellness.




More About This Episode:

Most Americans are bad at saving money and most of us won't meet with a financial advisor in our lifetimes. Financial literacy is a crucial issue we must address in society, we must educate others so they can achieve financial wellness. Today, George Grombacher joins us to speak on financial wellness and literacy and how education can help advisors find balance. His platform, Money Alignment Academy is an education-based program that teaches clients and employees about financial literacy. They are helping people find financial security through knowledge.

A career in the financial services industry is rewarding and challenging. For many, the first few years in the industry are long and tiring. To George, it’s all about finding a rhythm. There will be periods in our life when we are spending long hours working on our business, but it’s part of building a flexible future for our families. Without setting boundaries you will struggle. With time management and boundaries, you will become a more efficient professional. George discusses the importance of knowing your core values about money and life and how it plays a role in our business development.

Money Alignment Academy is helping advisors get their time back. Their service elevates client-advisor relationships by "plugging into" an advisor's existing system. Their program will be able to educate your clients while you manage their finances. This will save you time while continuing to give your clients specialized care. If we hope to change the financial industry and make work-life balance a priority, education will be a must.

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

· Finding the rhythm of balance

· Setting boundaries and time management

· Addressing our core values and beliefs

· Why we need to educate our clients

· How education promotes a work-life balance

Helpful Timestamps:

1:00 – Introducing George Grombacher

7:31 – His definition of balance

12:17 – Biggest issues for advisors

16:03 – Big agencies and new advisors

21:30 – His struggles with balance

27:16 – Addressing our beliefs

32:53 – Money Alignment Academy

37:02 – Partnerships with advisors

40:38 – Connecting with George



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