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Ep 100: Leveraging Technology for More Fulfilling Work with Matt Reiner




More About This Episode:

As technology continues to move at a rapid pace, every professional is trying to keep up and find ways to utilize that tech to improve the way they serve their customers. Today’s guest has helped financial advisors do this in a way that helps them find fulfillment through the work they do.

Matt Reiner is a CFA® Charterholder, CFP®, and partner at Capital Investment Advisors. Matt is also the founder of Benjamin, an AI fintech company that services the financial advisor industry, which explains his dedication to helping the industry evolve and why he believes true innovation will help you maximize your business.

If you’ve struggled at all with technology or just find yourself curious about how to integrate this into your business, we hope this conversation provides you with information and guidance.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • How has his business been able to help advisors on the technical side. (4:07)

  • What are some of the easiest/best ways to scale? (7:08)

  • The biggest obstacles he faces when growing the business. (12:54)

  • The value of journaling for personal growth. (16:49)

  • How is balanced prioritized in his business? (23:20)

  • The advice he would give other advisors. (27:30)


Learn more about our guest:


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