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Ep 102: Prioritizing Your Well-Being Alongside Your Business with Michael Garry, CFP®




More About This Episode:

You don’t find too many people that move between the financial and legal professions, but today’s guest did just that. Michael Garry, CFP® and founder of Yardley Wealth Management, began his career as a lawyer in Philadelphia before realizing his skills and education could also serve him well in the financial advisor industry, which also meant less time in the office.

That opportunity for better balance was a big selling point for him and his wife so Mike eventually made the move to Yardley Wealth, where he’s grown a successful financial business. Mike believes in practicing both financial fitness and physical fitness, and he remains active in triathlons and endurance races.

He joins the show today to share his journey and talk about what he focuses on with his company and his family to achieve balance.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • How he went from being a lawyer in Philadelphia to becoming a financial advisor. (1:53)

  • What part of the career change helped provide him with better balance? (3:48)

  • Where are his biggest struggles with maintaining balance. (11:54)

  • Taking the time to help new employees understand the workflow and their role in the business. (13:38)

  • The importance of figuring out your strengths and weaknesses and building your business around that. (17:58)



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