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Ep 106: Embracing Imbalance to Stay Balanced with Tom Shepard

Updated: Apr 13, 2023




More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by Tom Shepard, CEO of Shepard Financial and author of the book Money Isn’t Everything, Everything Is Money. He is the inventor of the Evolutionary Method and founder of the Currency Institute and Currency Camp, which is a financial boot camp built on the Evolutionary Method.

Tom’s strengths in math and science led him to pursue engineering in college. However, he quickly realized that engineering was not his passion. In search of a more fulfilling career, he found himself teaching at a boarding school in Maine, where he used personal finance as a tool to show students the practical applications of math in everyday life. It was then that Tom found his true calling and decided to venture into financial advisement on his own.

In this episode, Tom reflects on the challenges he’s faced while transitioning from an advisor to a business owner. He emphasizes the importance of prioritizing your values while growing your business and shares how embracing imbalance can ultimately lead to a more balanced life.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • The journey that led Tom to work in the finance industry. (1:18)

  • How Tom has managed to bring balance into his life while growing his business by having a clear picture of his goals. (4:37)

  • “I will perspire and work hard when I’m inspired.” Tom shares that he sometimes struggles with discipline from a business management perspective and talks about the intentional systems he’s put in place to help accomplish his goals. (10:59)

  • Tom reflects on the growing pains of becoming a business owner. (13:26)

  • The advice Tom would give to advisors trying to grow their business while staying balanced. (16:29)


Learn more about Tom's Currency Camp:


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