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Ep 11: Community and Collaboration with Shaun Kapusinski

With the new digital age, we have more ways than ever to connect with others and create communities. Connecting and collaborating with other advisors is an essential part of your business’s growth and your personal journey to find work-life balance. On today’s episode, Shaun Kapusinski, the founder of HIFON joins us to discuss his program and how he is helping advisors achieve balance.




More About This Episode:

It's with the collaboration and support from a community of experts and advisors that we grow as professionals. We learn a lot from each other, whether we have a mentor or another coworker helping us reach our goals. On today's episode, our guest Shaun Kapusinski, knows the benefit of learning and working with a community, which is why he developed HIFON.

Many of us want to have it all: the growing business, the happy family life, the free time, etc. But in many cases, it's hard for us to get there. To Shaun, balance is about finding what you value and spending your time there. Shaun developed HIFON to help advisors by connecting advisors. HIFON is a community of like-minded advisors that are sharing their tips on best practices and business growth.

By connecting with others, we can see that we are not alone in our struggles when growing a business. A lot of independent advisors struggle to find balance. Technology has changed the world. For many advisors, the financial industry looks a lot different than it did twenty or even ten years ago. We can work from anywhere, but this also creates new challenges we must overcome. Shaun saw the value in technology, to connect advisors and help them develop their businesses with work-life balance in mind. Join us as we discuss the struggles advisors face, why people join the financial industry, how technology can help or hinder us, and how HIFON can connect you to a growing community of advisors.

What you will learn this episode:

  • Shaun and HIFON’s backstory

  • Why do you need to envision your future?

  • How can a community help you grow?

  • How can technology help us reach balance?


0:30 – Shaun’s definition of work-life balance

3:23 – Trying to have it all and envisioning your future

8:01 – What struggles do advisors face?

11:47 – Why do people join financial services?

13:36 – Advice Shaun has received from others

15:55 – What does Shaun do to achieve balance?

17:52 – How technology has changed things

23:18 – HIFON helping clients

26:04 – How does HIFON work?

29:35 – Where can you learn more?


Read more about HIFON

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