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Ep 110: Putting Yourself Out There with Colin Exelby

Updated: Apr 13, 2023




More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by Colin Exelby, CFP®, a certified financial planner professional with over twenty years of experience providing financial planning for business owners and their families. He is the founder of Celestial Wealth Management and runs the YouTube Channel See the Forest Through the Trees, providing virtual advice to clients all over the country.

Right out of college, Colin began working for a large investment bank on Wall Street. After about ten years, he left and started Celestial Wealth Management as an independent RIA. As his business grew, Colin started to host more and more client meetings via Skype and Zoom, discovering that many people preferred the comfort and convenience of virtual appointments. From there, Colin has continued to grow his business and help people with finances virtually through platforms like YouTube.

In this episode, Colin discusses how going virtual in his advisement career has changed his business and created more balance in his life. He reflects on what he has learned in the virtual realm, from hosting client meetings to creating financial advising content for YouTube, and how narrowing down his focus has created more room for balance. Join us for an insightful conversation with Colin about finding an efficient workflow and finding confidence in putting yourself out there.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:06 – Colin shares how he got into the financial industry and how hosting virtual client meetings changed the game for his business.

  • 6:27 – How having a child helped Colin come to terms with what balance meant for him.

  • 8:00 – What Colin has learned about hiring virtual help and how it has helped him have more balance in his life.

  • 15:32 – Colin shares how narrowing down his focus has helped him to grow his business and prioritize balance.

  • 23:35 – Some of the struggles Colin has faced with growing his business and putting himself out there on social media.

  • 34:04 – Colin’s advice for advisors looking to put themselves out there.


Learn more about our guest:


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