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Ep 111: More Than Money Management: Building Meaningful Client Relationships with Chris Stallings




More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by Chris Stallings, the CEO, and founder of Abundance LLC. Chris has pioneered a whole-person, whole-family approach to wealth management that goes far beyond traditional financial planning. Drawing on his own family's experience with an advisor who failed to address their legacy concerns, Chris is passionate about helping his clients plan for longevity, navigate unexpected crises, and make major life decisions that extend far beyond their finances.

Chris believes that his purpose as a financial advisor stems much deeper than finances. By centering his business on the values of integrity, compassion, and genuine care for his clients, Chris has created a truly unique approach to wealth management.

In this episode, Chris shares his insights on the power of setting boundaries and honoring your schedule to stay present both at work and at home. He also discusses the importance of making clients feel seen, valued, and heard, and how this philosophy has helped him build lasting relationships that extend far beyond the world of finance.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:25 – How Chris’ childhood inspired the business Abundance.

  • 2:53 – How Chris has scaled his business while keeping a sense of balance.

  • 4:24 – What Chris has done to keep himself present at work and at home.

  • 6:33 – “There’s a way of honoring your past but also embracing the future of where you want to go.” Chris reflects on growing your business in a meaningful way.

  • 8:27 – How an advisory board and refining systems have made a huge impact at Abundance.

  • 10:31 – The importance of creating an environment that focuses on client relationships.

  • 13:09 – How fear-based motivation can get in the way of balanced growth.

  • 17:29 – Chris’ advice for other entrepreneurs struggling with growth and balance.


Learn more about our guest:


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