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Ep 115: Growth From The Inside Out: Finding Balance Through Inner Values with Jim Stackpool




More About This Episode:

We are excited to have Jim Stackpool, founder of Certainty Advice Group, on the show today. Jim has been in the industry for over 30 years, coaching and consulting advisory firms across Australia and New Zealand. His consulting firm coaches, trains, and builds advisory firms seeking to fast-track their growth in the new era of financial advice.

After working in software development and lecturing at the University of New England on software solutions, Jim founded Strategic Consulting and Training, where he dedicated himself to helping advisors tackle the challenges of running a firm while staying true to the essence of value. Today, Jim remains passionate about helping advisors achieve balance and success by staying true to their values.

In this episode, Jim reflects on the crucial role that inner values play in an advisor's growth and success. According to Jim, the best advisors are those who live by their values and deliver upon them, creating a sense of strong values that clients can feel. Our conversation with Jim is truly inspiring, as we explore important topics such as setting boundaries, community-based accountability, and overcoming workaholism.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 2:04 – Jim shares how his career shifted over time and how he started the consulting firm that he owns today.

  • 5:47 – Jim explains why values are so important to advisors.

  • 11:56 – The critical connection between values and growth.

  • 14:32 – Jim reflects on the power of making changes within yourself to find better balance and combat workaholism.

  • 22:01: The importance of accountability when seeking a more balanced life.



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