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Ep 116: Building Team Unity With John Bucsek




More About This Episode:

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing John Bucsek, CFP®. John has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. As one of the managing partners of MassMutual Tri State, he leads a team of over 125 advisors and manages an extensive portfolio of clients.

John is an executive member of several organizations, including the Financial Planning Association of New Jersey, the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting, and the Limra Research Agency Group. He is also on the Board of Trustees for the Lampe Foundation and is part of the GAMA Foundation for Education and Research as well.

John joins us today to talk about his 30-year career journey in financial services, and what he has learned along the way. He discusses the power of delegation, creating an uplifting company culture, looking at your goals, and building team unity. He also chats with us about his book, The Team Game, which offers valuable insights into building successful teams.

John has a wealth of knowledge to share with us today, so stayed tuned!

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:22 – John shares more about his 30-year career in financial services.

  • 3:35 – How John has been able to scale his business while staying balanced.

  • 5:23 – The importance of setting personal and work goals.

  • 10:29 – John reflects on having fun and empowering people to make mistakes.

  • 14:40 – The role camaraderie plays in employee retention.


Learn more about John’s Book:


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