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Ep 117: The Business Growth Balancing Act with Michael Lecours




More About This Episode:

We are delighted to have Michael Lecours, CFP®, on our show today. Michael is a co-founder of fpPathfinder, an organizational service that equips financial advisors with planning charts and guides to navigate client interactions. Along with this, he is a financial advisor and planner at Wealth Strategies Team.

Michael began his career in advertising, developing marketing strategies for insurance companies, banks, credit unions, RAS, and hedge funds. However, the 2008 recession prompted him to leave the agency and work with his father, a financial advisor. Initially struggling with the pressure of client questions, Michael developed flowcharts to help guide his work. These tools proved to be beneficial to other advisors as well and eventually led to the founding of fpPathfinder with his business partner, Michael Kitces.

In this episode, Michael shares his career journey with us and reflects on the challenges and successes he has faced while scaling his business. We discuss the importance of finding a balance between growth and maintaining boundaries, prioritizing your personal life, and the significance of delegation as your business begins to take off.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:05 – Michael shares how he became an entrepreneur and started pfPathfinder.

  • 7:52 – What balance has looked like throughout Michael’s career.

  • 14:33 – Michael reflects on the struggles of scaling a business and learning to delegate.

  • 19:27 – How working from home has motivated Michael to create more work boundaries.

  • 23:33 – Some pros and cons of having an office at home versus a work office.


Learn more about Michael:


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