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Ep 13: Personal Growth and the Importance of Delegation with Adam Holt

Delegation is a must when it comes to finding balance. What things do you enjoy doing in your business? How can you maximize your days with things you are passionate about?




More About This Episode:

Often times the catalyst for change for many advisors is the moment they become too overwhelmed. There is a moment of awareness, when they realize that they need to delegate or continue on without balance. Maybe you've missed too many family dinners. Or you are starting to feel the burnout on a job you once loved. On today's episode, we are discussing personal growth and accountability when it comes to finding balance with Adam Holt, the founder of Asset Map.

Adam has been an advisor for over 23 years, being an early adopter of technology and utilizing it as a way to find balance and provide clients with excellent experiences. He was drawn to the financial industry, not for any monetary value, but because he saw the flexibility it could offer if he structured his priorities correctly.

You don't have to achieve perfection, but you need to sit down with yourself and really figure out what you value. For Adam, he made his goals personal and important to him. He was always going to be able to walk his kids to school and be home for dinner. Those are promises he has kept, even when he is working 80-hour weeks.

It's important the financial industry starts teaching best practices and skills to advisors early on, avoiding years of burnout and high turnover rates. Building these habits early on will give the advisors the tools and skills they need to succeed professionally and personally. One such tactic is finding a "right-hand" or a complementary partner. Maybe you are a visionary, but who will hold you accountable and make sure your visions are carried out? It's great to have ideas, but we also need to be able to execute these ideas.

Adam is helping advisors reach their goals with Asset Map, a technological program that values client relationships. His program helps advisors reach their client's expectations and goals while building a better relationship between the both of you. To have balance in life, you have to have balance with your clients, this is how you can get there. Join us today as we talk about growth, balance, and the future of the financial industry!

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

  • Adam’s backstory, goals, and struggles with balance

  • Clients and balance

  • How we can hold ourselves accountable

  • The value of partnership

  • How Asset Management is helping advisors


1:35 – How did Adam get into financial services?

3:43 – What company did he start with?

5:00 – Fact-finding and finding problems

8:11 – What is Adam’s definition of balance?

12:05 – What are some of the biggest issues?

15:01 – The moment of awareness

21:05 – Stages of change and partnerships

27:35 – His struggles with balance

33:39 – How Asset Map works


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