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Ep 20: Estate Planning and Client Relationships with Andres Mazabel

Estate planning is an important service many advisors want to offer or be a part of. On today’s show, Andres Mazabel with Trust & Will joins us to discuss how they are helping advisors find balance while also making deeper connections with their clients.




More About This Episode:

On today’s episode, we are joined by Andres Mazabel with Trust & Will. He is helping advisors offer proactive estate planning for their clients. After spending 13 years in private banking, he wanted to help families reach their goals when it comes to generational wealth. Historically, estate planning has been a missing link for advisors, a link that can add value and deepen their relationships with clients.

To Andres, balance is about setting up your life in a way that prioritizes what matters most to you. Putting yourself first throughout the day is important. The first three to five years of starting your business can be overwhelming. You are doing a lot of it on your own. Your desire to find balance has to be intentional.

As your business grows, you may find yourself directing a team. We'll discuss how you can maintain balance in a management role. How can you help your team find balance? Developed as a service for clients, Trust & Will is now helping advisors grow their services and maintain balance through education, content creation, time management, and more.

Join us today as we further discuss:

· Why estate planning is important for your clients

· Barriers that can be overcome when it comes to estate planning

· How you can prioritize what matters to you and stay productive

· How Andres trains his team and helps them with balance

· Trust & Will’s mission and how they can help you find balance


0:57 – Andres’ background story

3:41 – Barriers into estate planning

6:10 – His definition to balance

7:49 – Issues advisors face

11:26 – Priorities and productivity

14:37 – Helping his team

19:21 – Working from home

23:13 – How he helps advisors

29:26 – Contacting Andres

33:44 – Last thoughts


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