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Ep 33: Self Discovery and Change with Byron Morrison

CEOs, advisors, and business owners often struggle with healthy outlets. When it comes to a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle what underlying factors do we need to address? On today’s episode, Byron Morrison breaks down the shadow side of success and how self-discovery and health can empower your journey to find balance.




More About This Episode:

On today's episode, Byron Morrison, the author, speaker, and coach for CEOs joins us to break down his journey with self-discovery, the shadow side of success, and more. For most of his life, Byron struggled with his weight and self-image. A few years ago, after his father’s cancer treatment, he started his journey to find balance and health.

Looking at his father, he realized how much his father’s success had also contributed to his illness. He was working 14-hour days, barely sleeping, had a poor diet, and had a huge amount of stress. Sometimes success pushes people to their limits and Byron is on a mission to help business owners and CEOs prioritize themselves and their health.

After seeing so many people struggling with similar issues he wrote, Become a Better You. As an advisor to CEOs, he wanted to pass on the knowledge and advice he learned throughout the years on managing stress, confidence, diet, exercise, etc. Not only did he focus on changes business owners could implement in their own lives, but habits that would lead to long-term and sustainable changes in their life.

Join us today as we discuss

  • Men’s difficult relationship with food and health

  • Unhealthy habits relating to issues with control

  • Byron’s own journey through self-discovery and what he’s seen others struggle with


1:20 – How did Byron get where he is?

3:54 – Relationship with food

7:06 – Why do we still go to junk food?

9:50 – Going to a nutritionist

15:47 – The China study

24:45 – Sustainable change

27:42 – Getting started wherever you are at

31:08 – How to contact Byron


More about Byron:

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