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Ep 4: Health Management for Advisors with Stevyn Guinnip

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

How often do you take time for your health? As advisors, we work long days and this can lead to poor eating habits and exercise habits. Yet our health is one of the most important things in our lives. How can we prioritize better?




More About This Episode:

Many advisors struggle with their health and stress management. Finding the time to eat nutritious meals and exercise is hard when you are working long hours. On today's episode, we speak with Stevyn Guinnip a wellness coach that helps financial advisors regain their well-being and balance in life. She is the founder of Grow Wellthy, where investors invest in their own health. As the daughter of a financial advisor, she saw the toll this industry takes on its members. Long hours of being sedentary and stressed-out can lead to serious issues down the road. To have a truly successful business and work-life balance you have to prioritize your own fitness and stress management.

Many advisors have spent decades in the industry, building up bad health habits. They have sacrificed for their work. Stevyn is going to discuss how prioritizing your health will help you be a better boss, employee, parent, or spouse. When you feel good, you are more creative, compassionate, and driven. Having a diet and exercise routine can help you maintain better control over your schedule and time. Many of us change our habits, but only after we've been faced with a health scare or crisis. Stevyn knows this, having gone through a near-death experience herself. She wants to help her clients find healthy habits before they reach that point.

To enjoy your success in the financial advising field, you'll have to be healthy enough to get there. You cannot punish yourself into being healthy, it is all about balance and stress management. Taking care of a client’s money is a lot like taking care of your own body. You are evaluating your physical risk and protecting your body as you would protect a client's assets. Join us today to learn more about maintaining a balanced lifestyle as an advisor, plus the three biggest things you can start doing now to improve your well-being.

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

  • Exercise, physiology, and eating well

  • Bad habits that affect our business and family

  • Relieving stress and valuing your health

  • Ways to improve your overall lifestyle

Stevyn is available to you as a private coach, class instructor, or as a coach for your whole firm!

Helpful Timestamps:

0:31 – Introducing Stevyn Guinnip

1:46 – Her definition of work-life balance

3:15 – What has she seen?

8:04 – How do advisor change?

12:54 – Redefining who you are

14:41 – Why do advisors struggle?

21:30 – Stevyn’s backstory

27:03 – Things you should be doing right now

31:20 – Where can you get help?


Read more about Stevyn and Grow Wellthy

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