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Ep 5: Balanced Adventures with Marketing Executive Charlie Van Derven

In the past few years many of us have moved to online work and working from home. This has been great for work-life balance but also presents advisors with new challenges.




More About This Episode:

Many of us are no longer in brick-and-mortar buildings, meaning we had to learn how to recreate boundaries and balance in our home office. Today's guest, Charlie Van Derven, knows this very well. A year ago, he bought a trailer with his family and started to travel the country while maintaining a business. He had to develop new strategies and adapt with his family, setting boundaries while on their new adventure. Charlie has always valued positioning his work-life balance in a way that allowed him to be adventurous.

Charlie has worked with advisors for over 20 years, helping them with their marketing and networking strategy. In 2013 he founded his business, Social Advisors, which helps advisors reach the clients that they will want to work with. He creates custom content that sets his clients out from the crowd.

As an advisor to advisors, Charlie has seen the toll that people go through while working in the financial industry. To him balance really means mixing things up and keeping from feeling stagnant. He is very excited to share his journey and the ways that he can help your business grow on today's episode. We will be discussing niche development, networking, business development, and of course how balance fits into all of this.

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

· Building balance and boundaries

· Adapting with family

· Marketing strategies

· Accumulative content marketing, personalized content and CRMs

· Developing a niche and network

· Giveaway inspiration for content

Helpful Timestamps:

0:43 – Charlie and Social Advisors

1:38 – How he got into the industry

4:00 – Passion for travel

6:52 – Best mountains to ski

9:25 – His definition of balance

11:48 – Avoiding the workaholic trap

17:56 – Setting boundaries and balance

23:26 – Adaptation and accountability with family

32:53 – How he helps advisors

40:01 – Personalized content

47:00 – Follow Social-Advisors



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