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Ep 51: Connecting Your Values and Goals in a Family Business with Eric Roberge

Maintaining balance can be tricky when you mix business and family. Eric Roberge, CFP® and Founder of Beyond Your Hammock joined us on our latest episode to discuss what balance looks like in his personal and professional life.




More About This Episode:

In today’s episode, we learn ways Eric was able to lay the foundation for a well-balanced family business and how he aligns his value system with the goals he sets for himself professionally.

Eric works closely with his wife to create content and drive prospective clients to the business. Listen to discover how his mindset helps him set goals and boundaries that create balance within his life.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • His definition of balance and how it’s changed over the years. (3:56)

  • The biggest challenges he faces when it comes to balance. (6:45)

  • The strategies he uses for employee retention. (10:17)

  • What areas are other advisors struggling with balance and where are they struggling with scaling their business? (12:57)

  • What advice would he give other advisors to improve balance. (19:48)


More about Eric:


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