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Ep 52: Mastering Mindfulness with George Kinder

Financial planning goes hand in hand with being a financial advisor, but what about life planning? George Kinder, author, international thought leader, and life planning pioneer dives deep into how mindfulness, spirituality, and prioritizing life planning can change you as an advisor and overall person.




More About This Episode:

George has been at the forefront of financial services for more than 35 yrs. His journey to becoming a financial planner began reluctantly, ironically enough, considering the impact he has made in the industry today. His passion for spirituality and mindfulness led him to equip people with the tools and knowledge needed to live a balanced life within themselves and their businesses.

In today’s episode George shares precisely what he feels makes a great advisor and shares insight as to how you can get started practicing mindfulness and existing in the present.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • How George became a financial planner, despite wanting to pursue his creativity. (1:37)

  • Why mindfulness matters in your journey to achieving balance. (8:57)

  • The biggest struggle many advisors have with remaining in the present. (16:05)

  • The importance of life planning in addition to financial planning. (20:39)

  • Why listening matters in the role of a financial advisor. (26:06)



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