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Ep 56: The Tax Planning Software Making Advising Simpler with Roger Pine

Updated: Oct 6, 2022




More About This Episode:

Advisors won’t want to miss today’s episode featuring our guest, Roger Pine, CFA, CFP®, and Co-Founder at Holistiplan. Holistiplan is a market-leading tax planning software, built by advisors, for advisors.

In the podcast, Roger stated, I am passionate about being backstage in other people’s journeys to being great advisors”. If simplifying tax season sounds appealing to you, listen to the episode to learn how Holistiplan can serve you, so you can better serve others.

Join us today to learn about these things:

· How Roger got into the financial planning industry. (1:15)

· Does balance actually exist? (9:28)

· How his values drive him to serve and impact the industry.(15:04)

· Learn about his passion to equip advisors, by operating in the background. (29:19)


More about our guest:

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