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Ep 58: Business-Minded Advisors with Justin Goodbread




More About This Episode:

Some people are born business-minded, and that can be said for Justin Goodbread, CFP®, CEPA, CVGA, and entrepreneur. We have Justin as a guest on today’s episode and you won’t want to miss the insight he shares, having the experience of creating and selling multiple businesses.

Justin divulges his method for finding the right people to delegate to, which will enable you to fill any gaps in your business operations. You’ll be able to glean from his perspective on standard operating procedures and how advisors might be missing an opportunity to scale by going back to the basics.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • Learn how Justin started his first business at 15 and became an advisor after a dare. (1:26)

  • How can you achieve balance as a business owner when you are pulled in a million different directions? (12:07)

  • If you want to truly delegate, you need to try this. (15:52)

  • What is your mission? Are you attracting the right clientele? (23:27)


More about our guest:


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