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Ep 59: Life-Centered Financial Advisors with Mitch Anthony

Updated: Oct 17, 2022




More About This Episode:

Mitch Anthony is the author of 17 books for financial advisors, a thought leader, and an impactful keynote speaker. In this episode, we got together to talk about a few flaws in the industry and the missing elements that might be holding some advisors (and their clients) back.

‘Purpose’ is central to today’s conversations regarding advisors and clients. As you listen to the episode, hone in on your purpose and how you could better guide your clients to finding purpose and satisfaction in their retirements as well.

Join us today to learn about these things:

· There needs to be a balance of purpose and security in retirement. (12:06)

· Not every opportunity will be good for you. How much is your paycheck costing you? (12:56)

· Is promoting retirement just a sales point for you? (18:11)

· If you are an advisor and you’re not living a balanced life, you’re doing a disservice to your clients. (26:00)


More about our guest:


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