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Ep 6: How Hiring Can Help You Find Balance with Stephanie Roberts

Hiring a team is important for growth and balance. But many of us don't have experience in building a strong team. What tips and tricks should we know?




More About This Episode:

Hiring a team can cause a lot of growing pains for small independent advisors. However, a capable team and work culture can give us more time to achieve balance in our lives. As the entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of our financial advising companies, letting go of controlling every aspect of our business can be difficult. But your time is valuable. You can hire someone to schedule your appointments and do admin work. By hiring you are giving yourself the time and opportunity to grow your business and find personal balance.

To discuss the importance of the hiring process and why you should think about outsourcing the process we've invited Stephanie Roberts on the show. She is the founder of Humans Being Resources, a hiring firm dedicated to helping advisors find strong candidates for any positions in their firms. Whether you are hiring your first or the fifteenth employee the hiring process costs a lot of time, money, and stress. That is why Stephanie started this business with advisors in mind. Advisors should be able to focus on client relationships and services, not recruiting and hiring.

Today we are going to be discussing the struggles she's seen many advisors go through. We highlight the importance of company culture and prioritizing work-life balance throughout your company. Once you have a team, you get back a lot of time for yourself. Humans Being Resource has a streamlined process that saves you money and stress. You can't achieve a balanced life by working in every position in your firm. You'll need a specialized team to help you get there.

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

  • Personality and company culture

  • Struggles advisors have while hiring

  • How to let go of control

  • Finding balance with a team

Helpful Timestamps:

0:37 – Welcome Stephanie Roberts

1:25 – What does balance mean to her?

2:33 – How she got into the industry

5:09 – Struggles she has seen

6:42 – Letting go of control

9:07 – Personality tests for hiring

12:03 – How her firm works

16:23 – Her struggles with balance

19:59 – What works best for her?

22:30 – Changing the culture

25:03 – Advisors are not trained to hire

29:05 – How you can connect with Stephanie



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