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Ep 68: Putting Your Values First in Business with Melanie D. Milam CPA, CKA®




More About This Episode:

Today’s guest is Melanie D. Milam, CPA, CKA® who specializes in helping individuals in the Oil & Gas Industry realize their retirement dream. Melanie joins us today to share her perspective on prioritizing family over growing your business too quickly.

She paints a picture of the important things in life and how setting boundaries around your priorities helps you find the right clients and helps your business grow organically. She also explains why you may not want to leave your children massive sums of money…first ask yourself, will this help them, or hurt them? Without the proper financial education, it might do the latter.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • Why Melanie is passionate about serving the oil and gas industry. (1:35)

  • What is most important to her when it comes to balance, and how she communicates that clearly with her clients. (6:34)

  • How being selective with clients and not rushing to grow can help you achieve better balance. (11:58)



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