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Ep 71: The Different Seasons of Balance with Jon Henschen




More About This Episode:

Let’s give a warm welcome to our guest, Jon Henschen. Jon is the Founder of the recruiting firm, Henschen & Associates. Henschen & Associates contracts with over 90 independent Broker-Dealers, with the goal of helping representatives find the broker-dealer that best meets their profile and needs.

In this episode, Jon and I will discuss the different seasons in life that shift your perspective on balance. We will also touch on how balance can look different from person to person and ways you can make changes to create more in your life/career.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • Learn how Jon got into recruiting and the financial industry. (0:19)

  • Jon shares how he defines balance in his life after more than three decades in the industry. (4:05)

  • How balance can look significantly different from person to person. (14:50)


More about our guest:


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