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Ep 72: Finding Your Niche with Kristen Luke




More About This Episode:

Today’s guest is Kristen Luke, President of Kaleido Creative Studio. Kaleido Creative Studio is a marketing agency that helps build a marketing system for financial advisors who want to attract clients based on their expertise with a niche, not marketing gimmicks or sales skills.

For more than 15 years, Kristen has consulted with hundreds of financial advisory firms and shared her marketing expertise via industry conferences, podcasts, and publications nationwide. In this episode, we discuss how you find your niche, and how you can use that to scale your business and achieve balanced growth.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • Why we don’t love the phrase ‘work-life balance’. (5:08)

  • How she manages to stay consistent with her time blocking. (7:05)

  • How you can achieve balanced growth. (19:13)


More about our guest:


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