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Ep 75: The Team Approach to Serving Clients with Jason Priebe, CFP®, J.D.




More About This Episode:

In this episode, we have Jason Priebe, CFP®, J.D., husband, and father. Jason is a Partner at Priebe Wealth in Minnesota.

He joined us to discuss how he has been working on shifting from client relationships with a single advisor to a team approach.

Listen to learn ways you can show your clients the benefits of having access to a team of professionals vs. access to an individual.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • How he got his J.D. and became a lawyer before getting into the financial industry. (1:07)

  • Balance as a father and husband in the financial industry. (5:32)

  • Ways scaling can be difficult in the financial industry. (10:50)


More about our guest:


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