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Ep 76: The Importance of Saying No with Morgen Rochard, CFA, CFP®, RLP®




More About This Episode:

Our guest on today’s show is Morgen Rochard, CFA, CFP®, RLP®. Morgen is the owner of Origin Wealth Advisers LLC, an author, and a podcaster.

In this episode, Morgen shares her journey to becoming a business owner and we discuss the importance of pausing to prioritize balance in our lives.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • Morgen’s Journey to the financial industry. (1:12)

  • How can you spend time doing something you love, while also having the time to prioritize family? (7:12)

  • We discuss the difficulties of working moms and scaling a business. (20:07)


More about our guest:

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