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Ep 78: Organic Growth with Jamie Bosse, CFP®




More About This Episode:

Today’s guest is Jamie Bosse, CFP®, RFC, CCFC. Jamie is a Financial Planner, Author, and mother of four. She wrote, “Money Boss Mom” and the “Milton the Money Savvy Pup” series.

Jamie and I discuss how she has managed to achieve organic growth online. She shares the importance of setting up a personal system that enables advisors to better manage their time and business.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • How her parents’ bankruptcy sent her on a path to join the financial industry. (1:12)

  • How organic content has helped her scale her business. (6:50)

  • How to maximize the way you work and recognize what may be getting in your way. (19:32)


More about our guest:


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