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Ep 79: Choosing the Right Clients with Bill Bloom




More About This Episode:

Our guest on today’s show is Bill Bloom. Bill is a family-first, sailboat-racing, book-reading, founder of two financial companies: Bloom Financial and Diane Money. He is also the host of the podcast, “Retire As You Desire”.

Bill believes in finding the right clients versus taking as many as you can get. He explains how that has impacted his business growth and how it has enabled him to have more balance in his life. In this episode, you will be able to learn the habits and mindset shifts that allow Bill to prioritize his family and the things that are most important to him.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • His key to maintaining the balance he has achieved. (7:58)

  • The biggest struggle when it comes to scaling a business. (11:27)

  • Do you understand when your minimum check should be? (17:27)


More about our guest:


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