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Ep 82: Setting Realistic Expectations with Kristin Shea, RICP®




More About This Episode:

Joining us today, is Kristin Shea, RICP®. Kristin is an award-winning and highly sought-after consultant and speaker, on a mission to serve and change the independent financial advisor space. Kristin has dedicated her career to delivering the art of digital marketing, media, and attraction, to forward-thinking financial advisors.

In this episode, Kristin and I will discuss flaws in the industry that lead to unrealistic expectations and workloads for financial advisors. We dive into how to combat this and achieve balanced growth.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • How Kristin came into the financial industry, unexpectedly. (1:32)

  • Explaining one of the three myths of balance. (8:20)

  • How expectations in the industry have gone in an unrealistic direction. (18:17)

  • Do you have “fake balance”? (22:25)


Learn more about our guest:

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