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Ep 83: Balancing Your Business with Jessica Smith, CFP®, CAP®, CLU®, CPWA®




More About This Episode:

Today’s guest is Jessica Smith, CFP®, CAP®, CLU®, CPWA®. Jessica is the president of Longview Financial Advisors. She has been with the company for 17 years and started as an unpaid intern. She enjoys leading a team focused on helping others and giving with a purpose.

In this episode, we discuss how unexpected events can force us to prioritize balance, how Jessica’s approach to team building impacts her business, and more.

Join us today to learn about these things:

  • Here is how she ended up in the financial industry after planning to be an attorney her entire life. (1:11)

  • Learn Jessica’s definition of balance and how she applies it to her life. (4:48)

  • How you can navigate business transitions while maintaining balance. (9:17)

  • Jessica’s methods for maintaining balance as the business scales. (12:03)


Learn more about our guest:


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