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Ep 87: Finding Your Niche to Provide Better Service to Fewer Clients




More About This Episode:

A common theme that we’ve found through talking with advisors around the country is that balance is often achieved when you’re able to narrow your focus to what’s most important. Whether it be prioritizing your life or spending time on what’s most necessary in the business, advisors have to identify where their time needs to be spent.

Our guest today is a tremendous marketer who carved out a niche during the pandemic to help grow his brand and help him find more balance at home. Jake Rushton, a managing director at Strategic Retirement Partners, is known as 401JA(k)E because of the specialty he’s carved out for himself.

He joins us today to talk about why he narrowed his focus to these retirement accounts and the steps he’s taken to leverage social media for career growth.

Join us today to learn about these things:

· How Jake found a niche with 401(k) accounts. (1:05)

· How he prioritizes life to create the balance he wants. (3:29)

· Balancing the need to be on social media while not scrolling aimlessly. (8:38)

· What does he struggle with most when trying to scale the business. (15:00)

· How the idea of retirement is changing for the better. (17:44)

· What is the 401Klub and how does it help advisors with balance? (26:24)


Learn more about our guest:

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