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Ep 9: Time Management with Vito Grammatico

Time management is often one of the biggest struggles advisors face when trying to reach balance. How do you maximize productivity during working hours, but still have time for family? On today's episode, we are discussing the importance of time with Vito Grammatico. He is the founder of Time Lyft, a time management software developed for advisors, keeping them aligned with their goals and service model.




More About This Episode:

To Vito, balance is organizing your energy correctly. Do you wake up feeling exhausted? That may be a sign you need to prioritize your days differently. Vito works closely with advisors, seeing them struggle to build boundaries with clients. He has gone through this as well. In the digital age, when everyone has access to email, it's even easier for clients to get in contact with you. Which can be great, but can also lead to endless questions that take up a lot more of your time than you anticipate or are charging. Advisors really care about their clients. Sometimes they leave the doorway too open though. By finding a niche and developing a strong client service model you can develop these boundaries while simultaneously growing your business.

Time Lyft, is helping advisors meet their time and client management goals. Do you know exactly how much time goes into each client? Each email response? Each meeting? Time Lyft keeps track of all of this and tells advisors whether their hourly rate is matching their value. You are probably doing a lot more work than you realize!

Join us on today's show as we discuss time management, client management, and the necessary boundaries we must build.

Listen to the episode to learn more about:

  • Time management

  • Client management

  • Balance and energy

  • How Time Lyft is helping advisors

Helpful Timestamps:

1:02 – Introducing Vito and Time Lyft

3:12 – His definition of balance

4:59 – Issues he sees with balance

7:13 – What does he think is helpful?

13:51 – Vito achieving balance

15:48 – What is helpful

21:47 – Time Lyft software

26:55 – Integration process

30:07 – Estimator tool

32:05 – How to get involved


Read more about Vito & Time Lyft

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