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Ep 92: Roundtable Discussion with Cris Cabanillas and Will Brown

Updated: Feb 9, 2023




More About This Episode:

Today we’re excited to be joined by two guests who have exemplified what is to be balanced growth leaders in their own businesses. This is a conversation we had originally on YouTube Live but want to share it again here because there is a lot of value for business owners.

Our first guest is Cris Cabanillas, President and CEO of Monterey Private Wealth, a fee-only wealth management firm in California. He’s spent his entire career operating under a fiduciary model and has grown a successful business alongside his partners.

Our second guest is Will Brown, CPA, owner of the Benefits Group. His career includes time in accounting and small business consulting, but he found this benefits niche to help bring more understanding and creativity to this aspect of the business.

Both guests today have some great things to share in terms of growth, marketing, and the biggest obstacles they’ve faced.

Join us today to learn about these things:

· Background on Cris and his career journey. (1:57)

· Background on Will and his company. (4:13)

· What has helped them scale the business? (6:53)

· Where do they find their biggest struggles for balanced growth? (10:53)

· Marketing struggles and what they’ve found here. (20:23)

· How do you find your ideal client? (27:11)

· Growing followings in an organic way (32:50)

· Tips for business owners struggling with balance and growth (39:23)


Learn more about our guest:

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