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Ep 94: Letting Family Needs Determine the Right Balance with John Black




More About This Episode:

Most of the struggle with finding balance while growing your business comes at home. Trying to carve out enough time with your family while chasing career goals is such a challenge, but today’s guest has been able to do that despite tragedy.

John Black, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL® joins the show today to talk about the balance he’s been able to find at home and how his perspective changed even more when he lost his wife to cancer.

John started in the industry in 1994 and eventually grew into the boutique wealth firm he owns today, but in between, it took a lot time to find the exact path he wanted to take. The one thing he knew for certain is that he wanted to be present for everything in his children’s lives, and while that has made work and life run on a very different schedule, following those family needs has been a successful approach.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

· He grew up in a farming family but had an interest in money at an early age. (1:09)

· How losing his wife changed his perspective on balance. (5:55)

· Building the foundation with his family has allowed for growth but human capital is still the challenge. (13:25)

· Two pieces of advice he’d give other advisors that are struggling with growth. (16:13)


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