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Ep 95: Why You Should Take The Legacy Letter Challenge




More About This Episode:

How will your children remember you when you’re gone? That’s a question every parent asks themselves and it’s often what motivates us to work as hard as we do to be successful.

Our legacy can be achieved in any number of ways, but our guest today has built a platform and a process to help every parent create a meaningful and lasting legacy with their children. Blake Brewer is the creator of the Legacy Letter Challenge which is on a mission to help one million moms and dads write a least one well-written and purposeful letter to their children.

Blake’s reason behind this mission dates back to a day in 2003 when he lost his father while they were both snorkeling. Hearing him relive that day is incredibly powerful and he’ll share that story on the show today. Plus, we’ll learn all about Legacy Letter and why it’s such an important piece of his life.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

· The moment he shared with his father that changed his life and mission. (1:05)

· Where he struggles most with balance. (9:34)

· Are you living your life for your business or something bigger than that? (13:21)

· What advice would he give others to have the content to write the letter? (16:53)

· Details on his mission to help one million parents write a legacy letter. (22:16)



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