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Ep 97: Using Balance to Reach Our True Potential with Mark Willis, CFP®




More About This Episode:

Today we’re spending some time with Mark Willis, CFP®, who has made it his mission to help people think differently about their money and their future.

After leaving college with six figures in debt, it’s been his goal to have a healthier relationship with money and help others do the same. He’s done that through best-selling books, a podcast, and the Bank On Yourself® Concept. As the owner of Lake Growth Financial Services, he’s helped hundreds of clients take back their financial futures and build their businesses.

In this episode, we’ll find out how he’s been able to find balance in the middle of a busy career and why he says balance is key to reaching our potential.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • How he eventually found his way to becoming a financial advisor and building his platform. (1:16)

  • Why he views balance as the fighting against equilibrium and a means to an end. (4:37)

  • How is he growing quickly while keeping that balance? (9:14)

  • The biggest issue he faces with balance is letting go and hiring help. (18:10)

  • Where does he see most advisors struggling day-to-day? (23:47)

  • Here’s the advice Mark would give other advisors to help with balanced growth. (30:45)


Learn more about our guest:


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