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Ep 99: The Science Behind Better Communication with Mary Schmid




More About This Episode:

There’s no downplaying the importance of communicating effectively when it comes to running a business. Whether you’re working with employees or trying to bring on new clients, becoming a great communicator can help you grow the business and even improve balance in your life.

There’s actually a science to this as well and today’s guest will tell us all about it. Mary Schmid, who is an author, speaker and mentor to financial professionals, is known for her ‘chemistry of conversation’ that teaches business owners how to have a different kind of dialogue with their clients in order to gain a competitive edge.

She has studied the neuroscience behind the conversation and has built a business around sharing that with others. Today we’ll go into detail on what she’s learned and explain how better communication can lead to balanced growth.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • How skepticism of the financial industry motivated her to work with financial professionals to improve communication. (1:08)

  • How does neuroscience play a role in these conversations? (3:04)

  • How can you take these skills and apply them to improve balance? (5:04)

  • With the reduced levels of stress of having to perform in these conversations, they have the freedom to be who they are and that attracts people to the business. (12:47)

  • Where does she see advisors struggle the most? (22:00)

  • Here’s the advice she’d give about improving conversation (28:00)


Learn more about our guest:

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