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Growing Every Day with Keith Richardson

Updated: Mar 7



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Keith Richardson is the chief integration officer and co-owner of More in Common, a company dedicated to fostering collaboration and inclusivity in workplaces through workshops and personalized coaching. With a background in psychology and over 15 years in the tech industry, Keith and his business partner recently transitioned into full-time entrepreneurship. We’re excited to have him on the show today to share his journey and talk about the delicate balance of being an entrepreneur, a family man, and a catalyst for positive change through this new venture.


In our conversation, we dive into the struggles faced by many business owners, the need for systems and processes, and the art of maintaining balance in the face of growth. Keith will share his journey as an entrepreneur, touching on the challenges he’s faced while scaling his business and the wisdom he’s gained over the years, including the importance of managing your priorities and making intentional decisions as a business owner.


I loved this conversation and know you will too!

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


0:38 – Keith’s background in psychology and tech + what led him to co-host a podcast and start More in Common

7:03 – The deathbed test + avoiding regrets by managing priorities

13:44 – Relationship-driven, organic business growth + not skipping steps in your entrepreneurial journey

21:07 – Balancing business growth while maintaining focus on core operations + the different roles in business ownership

32:47 – Managing your priorities like a dimmer switch + getting in touch with Keith  


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