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Hiring to Scale Webinar

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Hiring is a huge issue right now during the Great Re-Hire. We break down why it is crucial to scale and how advisors can avoid the most common mistakes while trying to grow their team.

If you want to meet for a discussion with the Roberts, click here:

During our 60min Initial Hiring Strategy Meeting we will discuss your overall hiring scenario, office operations, and workload / tasks you would like to delegate to a potential New Hire. From the information gathered in this meeting we will determine the appropriate position title for your hire, the associated salary range required for the position (based on your geographical location), best practices for sourcing candidates and some resources you may be able to use if you would like to source and screen candidates on your own. These items will be reviewed in a 30min Conclusion Hiring Strategy Meeting, which is included in your Initial Fee of $500. In the event that you instead decide to move forward with one of our My1Hire Recruiting Packages, 50% of your Hiring Strategy Meeting Fee will be applied to the cost of the My1Hire Recruiting Package selected. I look forward to connecting with you regarding your potential hire!

Duane Roberts

HBR Recruiting Team

If you want to meet with Dr. Parry for a discussion click here:

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