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Leading by Example with John Bernatovicz



More About This Episode:

Today we are joined by John Bernatovicz, father, husband, and founder of Willory. He is also a keynote speaker, podcast host, and soon-to-be author. His book, HR Like a Boss, is now available for pre-order and was inspired by a highly successful presentation that John gave at a regional conference for the Society for Human Resource Management.

In our conversation, John shares his career journey and discusses the importance of finding balance as a business owner to stay focused on what truly matters. He opens up about his own struggle with distractions and the constant drive to improve and shares how coaching has been instrumental in helping him stay accountable in his personal and professional life.

John also dives into creating a growth-oriented work environment for team members and leaders. He highlights the significance of purpose, people-centricity, boundaries, and transparency in shaping a thriving business culture. Join us for a powerful conversation with John as he talks about the value of vulnerability and the influential role of strong leadership in achieving company success.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 2:15 – John shares his career background and what led to the book HR Like a Boss

  • 6:30 – John reflects on starting his own business so that he could be present for his children’s upbringing and make faith and family a priority

  • 11:03 – John’s journey of growing and scaling his business virtually, hiring talented staff members, investing in marketing and content creation, and striving to lead by example in balancing work life and family

  • 19:21 – How having a coach has been instrumental in helping John stay accountable and continue to improve himself personally and professionally

  • 23:59 – The importance of having a clear purpose, being people-centric, having strong core values, and being transparent about your profitability in order to create a successful, balanced business culture


Learn more about John:

HR Like a Boss podcast:



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