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Learning In Leadership with Chris May



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We’re happy to have Chris May, the founder of LTN Insurance Services, LLC, join us for this episode. Initially aspiring to be a high school football coach and athletic director, Chris found himself in the insurance industry after realizing teaching wasn't his calling. He entered the insurance industry in 2017 and took the plunge into entrepreneurship in 2019, starting his own business.


Throughout this conversation, Chris reflects on the experiences that shaped his growth as an entrepreneur. We’ll discuss the role of faith, patience, and spousal alignment in navigating the unpredictable journey of business ownership. Chris also shares valuable insights on the importance of self-awareness, goal-setting, and continual learning for effective leadership in both business and life.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


1:45 – Chris’ unexpected career journey + the importance of spousal support in entrepreneurship

8:59 – Learning when to say no to the wrong opportunities + slowing down and seeking guidance through prayer and counsel

14:41 – Learning and growing as a leader + the potential limitations of a referral-centric model

23:00 – The difference between leading and managing + learning from your losses and failures

30:55 – Creating a 5-year goal for your business and your personal life



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