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Living Your Promise with Jason Hewlett




More About This Episode:

Our special guest today is Mr. Jason Hewlett, a leadership expert, author, and speaker Hall of Famer. He has an extensive resume, having delivered thousands of presentations worldwide and performed at every major casino in Las Vegas. He is also the author of the book, The Promise to the One. In our discussion, he will discuss embracing the promises we make to those we serve, our colleagues, and ourselves.

Join us as Jason talks about his fascinating career journey and his personal experiences and insights on finding consistency and inspiration while juggling professional and family commitments. We explore the importance of aligning priorities, making time for loved ones, and pursuing meaningful projects that leave a lasting legacy. He shares also how his "Promise Legacy Project" can help individuals reflect on their purpose and make the most of their time.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 2:11 – Jason’s journey from missionary work to becoming a performer, impersonator, and eventually a keynote speaker

  • 6:35 – Being congruent with your character + the impact of family support when growing a business

  • 14:47 – How Jason has scaled his business while remaining balanced through “living the promise,” staying consistent, and working with coaches

  • 21:45 – How Jason manages the balance of being away from his family while speaking through meaningful one-on-one time

  • 27:51 – Jason’s “Promised Legacy Project” which advocates for living a life that leaves a significant impact

  • 34:47 – What are your sacred goals and promises?


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