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Make Better Use Of Your Time For Greater Success and Happiness! by The Evolved Caveman


Maslow’s seminal Hierarchy of Needs has just been revised by evolutionary psychologists. Self-actualization has been dethroned. What is now at the top at the hierarchy?

What is the ultimate goal of human development?

What is the number one motivating factor in life? What do a lot of psychologists get wrong?

Where is the ultimate source of happiness? Is internal or external? How do goals, values and ethics enter into your pursuit of happiness? How does time enter into the success and happiness equation?

How does one make the ideal calendar to truly explode their success and happiness?

“Other people matter.” Chris Peterson, one of the founding researchers of positive psychology.

How to say ‘no’ to requests to others to protect our time for that which is most important?

Why is it so important to write your own obituary (before you really need it!)?

What do people most regret on their death beds?

About Our Guest: Dr. Travis G. Parry is the founder of the Make Time Institute. He’s earned several degrees in family and social science to better understand goal achievement and family relationships. He helps business owners and self-employed professionals be more productive at work so they can make more time for their own goals and family relationships.

Website where you can download the article about creating an ideal calendar:

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