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Mindset Matters: Embracing Sustainable Success with Sol Rosenbaum

Updated: Mar 7



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Sol Rosenbaum, PE, CEM, has over 20 years of experience in the energy engineering space. As the owner and managing engineer of SR Engineering and Consulting, he leads a dynamic team that provides engineering support in the commercial real estate financing arena while focusing on green loan programs and property assessments. Outside of this, Sol founded The Engineering Mentor, a community dedicated to guiding aspiring engineers toward successful careers.


We’ll spend some time learning more about Sol’s career journey and the important role that networking and relationship-building have played in his business growth. Then, we’ll dive into the challenges he faced while scaling his business and the mindset shifts he’s embraced to prioritize sustainable growth. If you’re an entrepreneur, business professional, or aspiring engineer, tune in for some valuable lessons!

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


1:24 – Sol’s journey in the energy engineering and consulting space + offering services that have set his business apart

5:39 – The value of networking for long-term connections rather than transactional interactions

10:43 – Some of Sol’s struggles with balance in the early years of his career + learning to say “no” to prevent burnout

16:25 – Connecting with your loved ones even during busy and stressful times in business

20:33 – The importance of strategic niche development + clear branding when scaling your business

25:05 – The work Sol is doing as an engineering mentor





The Engineering Mentor:



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