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News - Achieving Balance: The Make Time Method to Reach Goals in an Overworked World Gift Bundle

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Timely gift package for financial, insurance, legal and accounting professionals helps unearth purpose, increase productivity, and realize work/life goals

LOGAN, Utah, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Make Time Institute today announced the international best-selling book by Founder Travis G. Parry, Ph.D (Dr. Parry), Achieving Balance: The Make Time Method To Help Reach Business AND Personal Goals In An Overworked World, is now available as a limited gift edition that includes a signed paperback book, t-shirt, and hat. Dr. Parry's proven methodologies are aimed at helping financial professionals (including those in legal, accounting, insurance, financial planning, and investment advisory disciplines) make lasting changes and live life on purpose – but any run-down, unhappy business professional or entrepreneur should also find wisdom and food for thought as they read through and underline the concepts in this important book.

A former financial advisor who now focuses his business attention on helping other financial services professionals unearth their purpose, increase productivity, and find the right balance between work and their personal lives, Parry unwraps the old notion that somehow keeping equilibrium between work and home is a good thing. In reality, he says this myth creates workaholics and hurts more people than it helps. In addition, the movement from balance to integration does little to address the root of the problem and keeps professionals stuck in a trap.

Dr. Travis Parry's proven methods are aimed at helping financial, insurance, legal and tax professionals live life on purpose.

"This could be the best holiday or birthday gift ever," said Derek N.H. Notman, CFP®, founder of fintech company Couplr, who also wrote the foreword to the Achieving Balance book. "Imagine unwrapping this book, hat and t-shirt, with a loving note signed by your kids or spouse. Could be they see the strains of your business life fraying the fabric and creating unhealthy effects in your personal life. Whether you buy this bundle as a gift for yourself or for a loved one, the benefits could be substantial."


Research for the book revealed many professionals get caught up in the "workaholic trap" and believe three common myths:

  • Balance is doing everything at the same time

  • Productivity is the magic pill

  • Personal development is the "end all - be all"

Parry explains that this trap can be avoided by focusing on the highest priorities in life, setting boundaries, becoming more productive, and working with accountability partners.


Parry weaves together his own personal experiences and insights gained from working in the financial industry as a financial advisor into an easy-to-read book and companion guide. His father's unexpected passing (most likely due to living a workaholic lifestyle) was a critical moment in his life and career – one that would have lasting effects on both as Parry realized that he was not living his life on purpose. Shifting the most painful year of his life to one of his best in business, Parry was determined and successful at helping others with their financial goals, but he learned what he truly desired was a more balanced goal achievement.

"I, too, was on the road to workaholism, yet I craved balance in every aspect of my life, including my personal life," said Parry. "Our time together is short, and I wanted to spend more of it with the people I love. Something had to change."

When Parry tried to implement that change, his employer pushed back. During a search for a new firm, Parry found that this workaholic mindset was rampant in the industry. The industry he had grown up and into perpetuated this harmful myth.

Going independent as an advisor in 2007, and then going back to school in 2009, Parry studied and learned from others, tested theories about balanced goal achievement, and developed what would later become known as "the make time method." While the principles were born from his experience and knowledge working within the wealth management industry, he has seen that these concepts can help not just financial services professionals but any executive/business person who has a gnawing feeling that they need to make changes to their work/life mix.


The book, Parry's keynote speeches, and related Make Time Institute coaching programs, which hinge on The Make Time Method created by Parry, are focused on bringing immediate help to financial professionals and others who struggle with current work/life realities. This proven system helps professionals reprioritize life and achieve goals and create a more balanced approach. The book and programs have been tested and proven by Parry's clients since 2007.

The book, speeches, and coaching programs focus on how to:

  • Be more productive at work

  • Take the time saved and reinvest it into one's personal life

  • Create a great lifestyle outside of work

The book further explores a number of unhelpful myths and seeks to educate the reader while arming them with tools to combat unhealthy notions. "My book, speeches, and coaching programs are designed to help financial, insurance, legal, and accounting professionals make lasting changes today to live life on purpose," Parry said.


As Dr. Parry states in his book, a 2014 Financial Planning Association (FPA) survey found that financial advisors are three times more likely to become a workaholic than the average American. According to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, workaholics grind through more than 50 hours per week, take their stress out in their work, find little satisfaction in their career, neglect their health, and often struggle with unsatisfying relationships. Parry concludes that the false notion of "working more leads to greater success" can ultimately lead to the destruction of all of one's personal goals.

In three thoughtful chapters, Parry discusses values, goals and priorities, time management, organization, and the ideal calendar to find "your sweet spot." He champions this central idea: "The key to achieving balance is to abandon the idea that we must do it alone." Parry goes on to explain how working with an accountability partner is the missing part of the entire work/life balance equation being successful in theory and in practice.


Dr. Travis G. Parry founded the Make Time Institute to help financial advisors achieve the right work/life balance as they move through the various stages of life and business success. As a former financial advisor himself, Dr. Parry knows well the struggles that financial advisors confront as they seek to keep a healthy balance between building a successful business and enjoying life outside of it.

Dr. Parry has earned several degrees in Social Science, including a Ph.D. in Family and Human Development, which helps him better understand and communicate to others the roles that motivation and relationships play in goal achievement. He is a sought-after international speaker, inspirational coach, and international bestselling author of the book Achieving Balance: The Make Time Method to Help Advisors Reach Business AND Personal Goals In An Overworked World. Visit to learn more.

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SOURCE Dr. Travis G. Parry


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