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Reframing Your Marketing Mindset with Chris McNeil

Updated: Jan 15



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In today's episode, we're excited to feature Chris McNeil, the host of the Thought Leadership Studio podcast. Chris wears many hats – he's a master of NLP, an award-winning entrepreneur in innovation, and a seasoned strategy thought leadership coach and consultant. Beyond that, he's a marketing whiz and a talented musician.


Chris joins us to talk about what it means to take your business marketing from predictable and reactive to creative and proactive. Stay tuned for a great conversation on breaking away from traditional marketing approaches, fostering creativity, and building a thought leadership foundation that will resonate with customers.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 1:31 – Transitioning out of the fitness industry for better balance + the power of thought leadership in marketing

  • 6:32 – Creating mental gaps in your routine to allow room for creativity and innovative solutions

  • 9:22 – Adopting a thought leadership approach + customer-centric principles

  • 17:13 – Interrupting habitual patterns and dedicating time to work on your business

  • 22:35 – Taking a solution-oriented approach + reverse engineering for effective business operations

  • 27:13 – Tips for understanding the hidden needs of your target audience


Learn more about Chris:

Thought Leadership Studio

Marketer's Guide to Strategic Thought Leadership

Follow Chris on social media

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