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Relationship-Focused Entrepreneurship with A.J. Rounds

Updated: Jan 26



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In this episode, we sit down with A.J. Rounds, a seasoned professional in sales, marketing, PR, and HR. Inspired by his father's teachings on entrepreneurship, A.J. co-founded RevRoad, a venture services firm that now manages 61 companies. He also owns three small businesses and a real estate portfolio. Beyond his professional pursuits, he's a dedicated family man, often enjoying the outdoors with his wife, four kids, and dog.


A.J. brings some powerful insights into entrepreneurship and growth in today’s conversation. He discusses the founding principles of RevRoad and the critical role of a strong founding team and a people-centric focus in a company's success. Listen in as he reveals the challenges and rewards of building a startup, the importance of finding the right people for your team, and his approach to achieving a balance between professional and family life.

Join us today as we discuss these things:

  • 4:14 – A.J.’s entrepreneurial journey across various industries that led him to co-found RevRoad

  • 16:02 – Prioritizing family time, integrating children into your business ventures, and creating opportunities for quality moments

  • 23:12 – The role that relationship-building, community involvement, and providing value have played in RevRoad’s growth

  • 32:32 – Finding and training the right people, building processes, and creating systems to deliver quality services as your business scales

  • 35:56 –  Focusing on your founding team’s qualities and values + why humility in leadership is so crucial



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